Monday, April 28, 2008


I am happy to be silly. Smiling at silly things and just being happy is true bliss. I realised people look so genuinely beautiful when they are silly! Silly solitude can also be very revealing. It can break blocks, alleviate fear and instill logic. I love being silly at times.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Most Wanted

That stare, that glance, that look...all disappeared. I clinged on to hope...or expectations more aptly put. I did not try hard enough for the thing I wanted most. How could I leave it to silly expectations and small hopes? Life is about living and not merely existing. So...I will try...try again for what I want. But the fear lies in getting what I want but not what I need.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fresh lime soda

Sweaty palms clutched to the cold refreshing glass filled with the lemony white liquid. One...two...three...gulp and there it went through the throat and into the system. The system battered with creativity, originality and a tinge of logic. It cooled, it calmed, it made you appreciate the simple things in a glass of cold water on a hot sunny day. While the world moved busily cursing and 'pretending' to ignore the heat, I took a moment off to realise its consequences...and battled it with a glass of fresh lime soda.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sorry for not being there
When the monsters came,
And made you scared.
When I wanted to express
But had no guts,
Fearing that I might lose your trust.
I was scared too
But you did not care
Or pretended like me
To hide what you felt.
I wanted someone to take my hand
And guide me through the perilous sands.
Someone to puncture my preconceived thoughts
And tell me its cool to depend and trust.
Someone whom the world has already judged
For being frivolous and seeing light rings in the dark.
But time has healed and created space
And given me a chance to introspect.
The truth remains that no matter how much I love,
You will always remain addicted to those dangerous drugs.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The World is a Stage

Malicious makeup or murky mannerisms?
Frivolous fondness or familiar fakeness?
Depleting choice or choosing the known?
Questions that seem to have answers...
not on the surface,
but deep within the labyrinths of human brain.
Embedded, protected, secretly hidden,
by freedom of choice or by virtuous connotations.
This seems vague...
but I like to keep it this way.
Because if everyone understood everything
then we would not be players,
And the world would not be a stage.