Sunday, July 22, 2012

She  travelled across the sands,
In a dusty yellow mustang,
With a man who wore checkered linens,
And sipped cognac at sharp turns.

The dark skies showered moisture,
To abandon the warmth,
The smoke of his red marlboro,
Touched her staunch stance.

He stopped the car, 
To mingle with the mirage,
While she still dreamt of ajrak grids,
To block print the tiles of their house,
Which they had built in their dreams,
With their own hands.

Changing Contexts

I questioned God to come down and greet me,
From a dark narrow tunnel,
Or from a bright illuminated sky.

Satan has visited me more often,
To reaffirm every time he exists,
Unlike God.

Will I stop believing in God,
If he does not visit me, 
or has not even met me once?

I believed in you,
Even if I have not met you.

Homo sapiens are Homo religiosus.
They believe in religion,
But not a unified one.
They believe in God,
But God to them lies in contexts.

God changes to men and women,
Because of ever changing contexts.

You might change tomorrow,
And your pomises might evaporate,
Due to changing contexts.

But if context infects belief,
Then we will live with guns in our cupboards.
And God will pull the trigger through your hands.

I hope I find you stagnant in the shifting sands.
I hope changing contexts don't poison our soul.
I hope we can Imagine the world to be more beautiful
Than even John Lennon did.

Changing contexts,
Cannot change,
What we firmly believe.


I loved you for exactly 961 days,
In my dreams.
I sometimes wonder did I imagine to love you.

Imagination can be deceiving.
It transcends physical reality.
We had trespassed reality.
But yet got entangled in it.

Inhumans would have moved on easily
But I write and frame words
My words move
But I cannot move anymore.

because love has been promised.
because I cant say no.
because stagnancy pricks my dead skin.
because my organs are infected with your touch. 

I was in a white room under a white machine,
As they analysed the infection injecting the yellow fluid
through my veins.
I did not move a mm then,
But my thoughts did move.

In death if people remembered God
I remembered you.
I went through the pain
Because I wanted to live,
For you.

You were embedded in my secrets.
I remembered you when the veri-sign page opened
Every single time I booked movie tickets,
Hoping you would accompany me.

But you did not move.

when a stranger tried to alleviate the pain
when it was already late to restrain
when I smiled but I was going insane
when you kissed her parched lips
As I writhed in pain

I want you to move...
Move away now...
Before I cease to move again.