Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remember me

Will you remember me,
Even if I don't remember you?

Will you remember me,
Even if I forget to remember you?

Will you remember me,
Even if I feign to remember you?

Will you remember me?
Will you remember,
What remains of me?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Lost You

You asked me… Who do I like?

I told you the truth.

You asked me… Who do I love?

I lied to you.

Because I did not know

How to tell you,

Or if you had the heart

To listen to the truth.

The lover I loved

With my heart and soul,

You left him at the corner gate,

Then you held my waist,

My best mate,

And tried to kiss me

In the dark night,

Under shadows of leafy silhouettes,

Influenced by the liquid,

That took away your soul.

My soul disappeared,

My skin turned pale,

I tried to find grip,

Amidst the concrete stones,

But you bit my neck,

In the sharp darkness

Of the pitch dark cave.


You smiled in the morning,

Holding your hot coffee cup,

And patted the shoulders

Of the boy I really loved.

You winked and said sorry,

I had already forgiven you last night,

But I lost you my best mate,

In the darkness of that night.

Just a random stranger...

I had faith in you.

Like the first gold coin,

I purchased with my meager saved salary.

You had told me to

Melt the gold.

So that all would become yellow.

And you could soak yourself

In all that you thought was precious.

I hate being rude,

But your measurement

Of what is precious

Is cheap to me.

You polish your skin with diamonds

But are you happy chewing them?

Your teeth might break…

Don’t chew them.

Oh! Who am I to stop you?

Neither your friend nor foe,

Just a random stranger

Trying to understand your sadness

That will make you happy,

When you peak into your life

After I go.

The margins of space are limitless.