Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let her go first...

Well today baba said something very important to me as he got down to the topic of marriages, something that I have been dreadfully avoiding being a designer. Being in control of my own spaces and own choices and suddenly thinking about adjustments gave me a sudden nauseating feeling of giving up.

But baba said this, when you really love you will know what you are doing. It will not feel like sacrifice. He said the biggest fear in his life would be to leave my ma behind to live a life by herself. I do not think she will be able to bear the loneliness because she loves him so much, so he would want her to go first knocking on heavens door.

I sometimes wonder do our generations have the capacity to love each other so purely. Can they love each other without expectations. Can they love each other with the feeling of not knowing? Can they sacrifice their love for each other? Can they actually understand love?