Friday, July 8, 2011

Of Joy and Pain

There were no shadows,

Only bodies,

Close together,

Under the dancing rains.

The drops drenched the two souls,

Moving under the same skies,

They smiled at the healing drops,

Separated by a deafening distance.

Her mac played Madhaniyan,

His resonated Chal Diyay,

Till the dark grey skies

Could hear their cries

Of Joy and Pain.

The sky cried too,

Along with them,

The cry for freedom,

The cry for liberation

Of Joy and Pain.

The Sabarmati overflowed,

As she felt the wind,

Touching her unwanted skin,

Till she rinsed her heart

Of Joy and Pain.

The parched grass,

Amidst the tall concrete,

Where hundreds convocated

With great difficulty.

Where nights and days

Flowed freely,

Like the drops trickling

Down the grilled balcony.

Where the eyes met,

And lips could not speak,

Coldplay's Scientist

Did all the trick.

Drench you heart

With Joy and Pain

Drench your heart

Till it can feel again.

Take my heart

If you cannot feel

Take my heart

Before it stops to beat.

Let it breathe

Of Joy and Pain

Let my heart

Love you once again.

I Do Not Know

I do not know who I love

I do not know who I hate

I do not understand people,

I do not understand fate.

I do not know my mother's best friend,

Have I ever tried to?

I know my father is lonesome,

I know he wants to be free.

I know I want to run,

I know I want to flee,

But from whom or for how long?

Till I understood what it meant to be free.

What is freedom?

The space between

You and Me.

Is it vacuum?

Is it non-judgement?

Is it cocaine?

Is it ecstasy?

Do you talk about things

That you already know?

Do you talk about things

Completely unknown?

Do I talk?

Let us talk?

You have no time

I am lost in thought.

Do you consume the liquid

To alleviate the pain?

Do you release the rings

To disguise and feign?

I hate the taste,

I love what I hate,

I love the feeling,

I hate what I love.

The Neutrogena Rain Bath

Makes my unwanted skin breathe

Before it ceases to love

Before it ceases to feel.

It travels with the body

It travels through thoughts

From meandering labyrinths

Filled with bumpy shocks.

I do not know who I like

I do not know who I love

I do not understand the difference

Or why is it an incentive for breaking up.

Is it important to know everything?

Is it important to be free?

The margins of space are limitless,

The space between You and Me.